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Lost in the Clouds by Tom Tinn-Disbury

Lost in the Clouds by Tom Tinn-Disbury

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When a loved one dies, it can be a difficult topic to explain to little ones. Let this heart-warming book help you support your child through their stages of grief.

You don't have to weather the storm alone! This moving book about grief shows children that, despite their loss, they always have someone to talk to.

The beautifully illustrated children’s book follows Billy and his father as they navigate the loss of his mother. It includes: 

   • A large format that makes it easy for adults and children to read together
   • A sensitively written narrative that moves away from the typical institutional approaches to grief for children
   • Beautiful full-page illustrations that allow kids to become immersed in the story
   • One non-fiction, working spread that teaches children and their families about how to open the conversation about grief and loss

Billy misses his mommy very much. She lives in the clouds. Some days when he and Daddy play in the garden, he knows that Mommy is letting the sun shine for them. But not all days are like that. Sometimes Mommy’s clouds are dark, and Billy feels sad and alone. 

Written in collaboration with an experienced grief professional, Lost in the Clouds gently explores the idea of grief and teaches children how to understand and deal with their emotions surrounding the death of a loved one. With beautiful and colorful illustrations to accompany the touching narrative, this meaningful storybook is perfect for sharing and will bring comfort to both children and parents.